The Right Furniture for Your Bedroom

Most of our activities at home are spent in the bedroom because the bedroom is the most private space. So we need to pay attention to the interior of our bedroom so that the bedroom provides comfort for the occupants.

The bedroom does not always have to be large and spacious, the important thing is that the bedroom must be adjusted for the number of occupants. The right arrangement with the right allocation of furniture can make the bedroom feel comfortable.

If we choose a minimalist concept, then the arrangement of the furniture must pay more attention to practical, functional and dynamic aspects. The following are furniture commonly used for bedrooms:

1. The bed

The bed is the most important furniture in the bedroom. Choosing a bed is not only according to design, but function and comfort are also very important. Choose a bed in proportion to the area of ​​the room. The bed certainly will not be separated from the mattress, the mattress sizes vary and the standard sizes are:

  • Single 90×200 & 100×200
  • Twin 120×200
  • Queen 160×200
  • King 180×200
  • Extra King 200×200

2. Wardrobe

In general, the wardrobe is used for storage of clothes and other accessories. Therefore, the size of the wardrobe must be adjusted to the usage needs and the area of ​​the bedroom. The wardrobe model is also adapted to the room concept you choose, if you choose a minimalist concept, use geometric and simple shapes without any carvings. The wardrobe design should be adjusted with other furnitures in the bedroom.

3. Nightstand

The bedside table is a small table that is usually located on the left and right sides of the bed. The nightstand serves as a place to place the lights, the shape and color of the nightstand are usually harmonized with the bed design. If your bedroom is not that big, just use one ceiling on one side of your bed.

4. Credenza

At first glance the credenza has the shape of a half cupboard. Originally, credenza functioned as a writing desk, but now credenza is commonly used as a storage area for personal accessories or belongings and for the top, usually for placing televisions, flower pots, photo frames, etc. Credenza is not a must-have furniture, considering its function only as a complement to the room, but its existence still adds aesthetic value in interior design.

Tips for arranging your bedroom:

  • Choose furniture that has a unity of elements, be it shape, color or material.
  • Adjust the lighting in the bedroom to shape the mood of the room. Use general lighting to illuminate all activities in the room and task lamps for more specific activities such as sleeping or reading.
  • Choose skin colors such as ivory white, cream, brown variants, or pastel colors for the wall color or bedroom wallpaper. These colors can provide a feeling of relaxation and energy balance when you sleep. If you like bright or bold colors, like red, just use it as an accent so that the calm atmosphere in the room is maintained. For a narrow space, use white for the walls of your room so that the room looks spacious.
  • Pay attention to the health of the bedroom, especially the quality of indoor air. Provide adequate openings and ventilation so that air flow in the room is smooth and sunlight can enter.
  • For those of you who like plants, don’t put plants in the room, unless your bedroom is large enough, and place these plants away from the bed.