I know that when I had left my last article, I promised asperging techniques and elements to charging tools, but…
In light of recent global reports, I feel that I need to share this news article that I’ve read about the country of Ghana, in an effort to re-caution the already cautious made witch about the incredible degree of ignorance that is shared amongst the political “muggles”, especially when we leave our homes riding our broomsticks. What I am warning about is the progressive/religious radical bowel movement in congress that sits opposed to most human intelligence and to bring to light why over the last couple of years we’ve just been smelling something nasty burning in the cauldron!
The news article itself announces that Ghana itself has what are called “witch-camps”, and I am not talking of Starwood or a woodsy Neo-Pagan retreat center. These facilities house more than 700 hundred accused witches awaiting torture! Within the last couple of days, an old woman was burned alive, supposedly in the hopes of exorcising the “demon” that made her a witch. The article mentions that this was an accident, but my magic 8 ball says otherwise.
What does this have to do with the United States? We have had facilities similar to this in this country, if we remember recent history, that housed Asian Americans in the pacific states during World War II! That was 60 years ago.
I can not shrug off with total confidence (since we are presently engaged in World War III in my opinion), the possibility of similar policies being enacted out of religious or political intolerance in this country.
In our culture, zealots have always managed to engage subversive methods of shaping our nation’s policy. The problem in our time is that their agenda is no longer investigated any deeper than the surface by the general public. While most of us possess a little more than a shallow purse when it comes to common sense, the reality is that during times of war and economic hardship people tend to take leave of their senses (perhaps to address their issues of fear), therein rendering themselves subjective to the embracement of a radical cleric’s twisted wisdom based on holy book babble. This is very evident in the media now, as we have seen the prejudicial finger pointing beginning to alienate us all.
I am in no way urging a sense of panic…I just hope you’ll keep a protective eye over your families, keep another eye on these dastardly politicians, and keep your 3rd eye on your scrying mirror!
This is just perhaps another media ember being fanned by the billows of intolerance, only this time in Ghana. My warning concerns the increasing volatility of the world, it’s effect on our policy writing, and how easy the threat of paranoic wildfire can consume a democratic society.
Anyhoo, here’s the link:

The fact there is a non-profit anti witch-hunting group (W.A.W.) currently active in Ghana gives unto light that this is probably a human rights issue masked by religious purging. I’m surprised NATO hasn’t gotten their hands dirty with this crisis, then again I still smell something funny burning in their cauldrons.
The next article will include the asperging information that I had promised, as well as other rites of exorcism that do not require practitioners to set each other ablaze.
Health and Spirit,
Adian Caine
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