Everyone in World of Warcraft wants to get rich quickly. That’s nothing new. Even after years of playing the game, most players will never get any where near 10,000 Gold in their packs at one time. A World of Warcraft player with no Gold and very little in the way of resources may think there is no way they can start making Gold, a lot of Gold, in just a week. Strategies that can help do exist, but they demand a lot of attention and care to the essential talents that come with top-level auction house trading and farming.
Strategy # 1. Herbalism and Mining
Herbalism and Mining are about the easiest ways to make Gold in Warcraft. Learning both might be an option, a crafting profession to go along with them is how most players go. This will make your in-game life a little easier as well. If you really want to make the Big Bucks though, Herbalism and Mining are really the way to start.
To do it right you have to log on to your server at a time when there are not a lot of other players on-line. If it happens to be three in the morning or four in the afternoon for your particular server that’s when you want to be there. You’ll never get a big cache of WoW Gold built up if you have to compete with everybody else, avoid crowded times.
Herbalist will want to head over to Sholazar Basin. For Miners, Icecrown is the destination of choice. Run loops around these two zones to start. Miners; stay in the northern half of the zone, following a similar loop to the two airships. Herbalists; stay close to the water in Sholazar. If you have mining, stroll through the pillars around the zone, you will find mining nodes among them.
Assuming small competition, 300 to 800 GPH (Gold per Hour) should be obtainable by Miners from Titanium nodes and Saronite Nodes. Between 200 and 400 GPH is possible for Herbalists from Lichbloom and Icethorn and scattered Frost Lotus spawns.
Strategy # 2 The Auction House
Now that you’ve gathered your valuable items, you have to turn them into Gold by selling them. Now is when you need to have good Auction House skills. Have Auctioneer installed, scan the Auction House for a while before you start. When you get a feel for a good cycle, when the prices go up for your reagents, that’s when you sell.
The best time to sell ore is in the early afternoon, well before other farmers start selling. Herbalists; try for a couple of hours before raiders get on and start creating their flasks – about 4pm-6pm server time.
You should be able to get around 150% of the value for your ore and herbs by selling at peak hours and holding at trough hours. With this method if you get good runs in 6 nights a week, you can have 10,000 gold or more in a seven days.
Nothing fancy, just easy WoW Gold in your pack.