What is Needed to Run My House on Solar Electric? Solar Power For Residential Use

The components of the different renewable energy systems vary slightly, so you should list what is needed to run my house on solar electric power. The three systems include a standalone system that is not connected to the electrical grid, a grid inter tied system and then a grid inter-tied system that has a backup battery unit. Many of the components are the same though there are a few differences.
Firstly, the details on a grid intertied system as the different parts or materials needed include connects that run to and from the utility grid and your home, a kilowatt hour meter, AC breaker panel, inverter, array DC disconnect and the photovoltaic array. You will need a few extra bits to connect a battery bank to your system as backup power as this will require a charge controller and the batteries.
You have most likely seen standalone systems in rural areas though they can be used anywhere. These systems are not connected to the electrical grid but has a backup generator or batteries when there is not enough sun to generate all the electricity you need.
Many times it is very difficult to connect to the grid or it may be too expensive. You can still save plenty of money by using electricity from solar energy.
The main section that actually collects the sunlight and turns it into electricity is the photovoltaic array. This array will contain several cells that will be mounted together and linked to the rest of your system. It is the semiconductor that creates the electricity. Most people mount this array on the roof though you want to maximize the angle of the sun so you can generate as much electricity as you can.
You may not think the DC disconnect is important as it just stops the flow of electricity but when you have to fix things you want it so you don’t electrocute yourself.