WoW Gold – An Easy Way to Get 10,000 WoW Gold in Only One Week

Everyone in World of Warcraft wants to get rich quickly. That’s nothing new. Even after years of playing the game, most players will never get any where near 10,000 Gold in their packs at one time. A World of Warcraft player with no Gold and very little in the way of resources may think there is no way they can start making Gold, a lot of Gold, in just a week. Strategies that can help do exist, but they demand a lot of attention and care to the essential talents that come with top-level auction house trading and farming.
Strategy # 1. Herbalism and Mining
Herbalism and Mining are about the easiest ways to make Gold in Warcraft. Learning both might be an option, a crafting profession to go along with them is how most players go. This will make your in-game life a little easier as well. If you …

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