Pantry Organizing – The Secret Is in the Boxes

The pantry is the one place in the house that is most difficult to keep tidy. We always add new stuff, take things out to use and return them back.
Many times we don’t even remember to check what has long passed its expiration date and should be thrown away. And the clutter increases. Many people think that if they only had a little big bigger space… they could keep they pantry organized. But this is probably not true – the larger the pantry the larger a mess.
There are many small items so it’s just impossible to arrange them in a single pretty line on a shelf as it looks in home design catalogs and magazines.
So, as with house declutter, it is important to first get rid of all the unnecessary items in the pantry. Just check the expiration dates, what products you haven’t used for months and get rid of them. In this case, you probably won’t have anything better to do with them.
After you throw all the needless, you need to find a good way to organize all that’s left, so you won’t have to do the whole process again every week.
Since the pantry usually consists of shelves, it is very hard to declutter it properly without any kind of organizers. There are lots of kinds of organizers, some of them are built in, some are really sophisticated. Those might be good ideas but the main obstacle that I see in them, besides the usually high price, is that they come as some sort of one structure that you put into the pantry. The problem here is that it will still be difficult to clean and declutter.
I found that the best way to do the pantry organizing is to use plastic boxes or dishpans. These are cheap, available and easy to clean or replace.
Therefore, we will need for this task a number of plastic boxes (or dishpans) of different sizes.
First, divide the products by type or by frequency of use. You can even label the boxes if you wish.
Large products such as detergents or other large packages can be arranged on a bottom shelf. Since they are large, it is easier to access them, and they do not make a mess like the little things.
Now, every few weeks, you can see if one of the boxes begins to fill up too much, take it out and go through the contents – throw the unnecessary, organize, wash the box itself without the need to clear all the shelves of the pantry because one of the jars has dripped. Everything stays in the box.
Not to mention that you’ll find things in the pantry at a glance, access them easily without knocking down 10 items on the way and see when you’re missing something. This way you’ll also save some money by not buying more stuff just because you didn’t notice you already have them, and throw away less unused products.
Good Luck!