Knowing What to Charge For House Cleaning For Maximum Profits

This article is for anyone who is wanting to set up their own cleaning service and needs to find out what to charge for house cleaning.
This subject is actually quite diverse because there are many routes to a house cleaning business.  You may want to set up a house cleaning company and employ cleaners; you may want to start an agency and hire cleaners; or you simply may want to work on your own as an independent cleaner.
Decide which route you want to go down then start your research.  The reason being is that each route will charge a different rate.  The company will charge the highest, the agency the middle rate and the independent cleaner the lowest rate.
You’ll find that the companies charge by the job, the agencies by the job or an hourly rate and the independent cleaners an hourly rate.
Get out your Yellow Pages and turn to the house cleaning / domestic cleaning section.  You need to try and work out which are the companies, agencies and independent cleaners.  Then ring the ones that will be your competitors and pretend you are an enquiring potential customer.
Ask what they charge and what you get for your money.  Do this 4-5 times and make sure you write the information down.  Now study this information carefully and see where you want to lie in between all of this and what you want to charge for house cleaning in your area.
I realise that this is a lot more difficult and complex if you are charging by the job as opposed to a set hourly rate.  So you may need to do more research if you are going to charge by the job because the variations on this are enormous.
Some house cleaning services go to the customers’ house and calculate how long the job will take and then give a price based on time, while others calculate the square footage of the area to be covered and work out a price that way.
Please don’t fall into the trap of charging too low a rate.  Don’t think that if you charge a lower price than all of your competitors that you’ll get most of the customers, it doesn’t work out like that.
People aren’t stupid and if you charge a ridiculously low rate then it shouts “shabby job”.  Hold your head up high and be proud of your price tag.  After all you offer a very trustworthy, professional and thorough house cleaning service so you can warrant your house cleaning rates.
Personally, I would charge at the higher end of your competitors rates, you just need to make sure that you can live up to this by pleasing your customers time and time again.
People will gladly pay higher rates for cleaning services if they know that they can trust their cleaner and the job is very thorough.  You need to target the people who you know who will gladly pay these higher rates with your advertising and marketing efforts.
Knowing what to charge for house cleaning services in your area is very important in order for you to protect your image and your profits!