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However, in some elements it drops between 0-4 degrees Celsius. She repeated the decision three to four times and waited for a solution. Frustration on her face was getting noticeable, and she or he turned a bit depressed. This time she went on the south west side of the light house. After a brief period, she heard Ahmed’s reply; Sparrow, sparrow, that is Blue chook, studying you loud and clear, over.

Sayeeda and her professor arrived on the venue simultaneously. After trade of pleasantries, they settled down for academic dialogue.

The communication established and both continued their radio discuss for reasonably very long time. He informed her that in a short time he will be docking and can call her. The period of wait and watch has made Sayeeda restless. The moon mild was filtering through the window and reaching her bed. For Sayeeda the time was moving at a snail pace.

She realised that Ahmed may be blind to the scenario in his home city. The romantic situation and her loneliness could also be a supply of reminder to Ahmed.

After about twenty minutes they each returned and re-established their radio contact. The love chook’s romance was echoing on amplitude of everlasting love.

During dialogue the professor realised that subconsciously she was getting drifted into oblivion. He enquired whether she was being disturbed or apprehensive an excessive amount of because of exams.

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Their dialogue was focusing on finalization of marriage date. Ahmed who’s a telecommunication engineer was awaiting completion of Sayeeda’s undergraduate diploma. Ahmed needed Sayeeda to concentrate on her exams and fulfil her need in a single try. The conversation was nearing the end, and both promised to stay in touch after a week.

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She all of a sudden remembered her Walkie-talkie offered by Ahmed. She considered calling him on a set frequency allotted to her. She instantly ran in direction of her automobile and quickly drove back home.

Sayeeda replied in a gentle tone with filled with affection and love. Ahmed stated that it was the irregular propagation which has carried the vulnerable waves of her heart by way of Wlkie-talkie. However, it was rather her amplitude of her love, which has reached his ears.