Home church will solve the wrong lifestyle dilemma. We are living in a society where we all have a legal right to live the way we want. Yes but if your lifestyle is harming the rest of us in any way you have to think about it. If not laws will have to be rewritten to suit you or laws are not effective anymore.
Then what we have is anarchy. The bible talks about every man doing what is right in own eyes. Have we already come to that or is it coming soon?
I am serious about our children. We cannot really do any good anymore to the gown ups. Why do we not concentrate on the next generation? How are we going to do that? Christians have a right to voice and establish their opinions. If America is 59% Christian then where are the Christians? Are we still the majority? Home church will teach every citizen the right lifestyle to live.
We are still in a democracy. We can take back our children from the system and still train them. The home church is the best since our traditional institutions like churches failed big time. I know pastors and elders of the churches who are struggling with their children.
Many of them behave just like their friends in school. Why have the pastors, preachers, and elders failed in their families? They are buying into this without realizing it. Most are slowly cooked day b day into the slow moral and ethical death we see all around us.
When you neglect the God who created you and serve some other, that is what is going to happen. Every generation must walk with God. Read your bible, spend time getting know the principles and guidelines set forth there for you. Meditate and ask God to help you raise your children. Home church is the only place to understand the bible.
First, you must walk with God and the Holy Spirit will teach you. Please do not read, watch the modern faithless preachers. There is a permissive liberal and greedy group of preachers coming up. In then name of God, they are selling all their materials. Christian is growing up in those literature and media. It has the halo of Christianity around it. It is pure junk and it will send you straight to hell.
Read the bible and study it. If you do not understand please buy a few different version and analyze until you understand what is really says. You do not have to learn Greek or Hebrew. Home church can facilitate you to learn to interpret.