Don’t lose Your Money Because You Choose the Wrong Furniture!

Have you ever imagined a house without the presence of various furniture in it? It seems impossible, right? Although now in Japan are a booming concept that makes the extreme minimalist living room can be free of furniture that is not too functional, occupancy fact they still decorated furniture basic function is very close in life, such as cabinets, drawers, and a bed.

Well, especially Indonesians who see something not only from function but still believe in beauty and harmony, including the condition of the furniture that adorns your home.

The thing is, are you a person who is careful in choosing furniture or do you often buy furniture for your home?

You see, now many people are careless about buying furniture. From the initial concept of buying furniture to be used in a suitable room, nowadays there are many reasons to buy furniture just because of its cute style, the furniture is currently popular in the community, and most of all because of the furniture is on a big discount!

If you are a person who often buys furniture for the various reasons above, start now to stop the habit, let’s go.

Because the habit of buying furniture carelessly can make you get a lot of losses, you know. You certainly don’t want it if you end up buying the furniture that makes it difficult for you?

Here, Kania gives an overview of some of the disadvantages when you choose furniture so you know how important it is to choose the right furniture.

Budget swell for Quality Furniture Not Secured

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What is the relationship that your expenses can swell when choosing the purchased furniture carelessly? Maybe you are thinking, when you buy this furniture you can even save money because there is a big discount. On the other hand, you also need this furniture to complete the furniture in a room in your house.

Maybe you feel you can save money on the furniture you buy because the price is cheaper. However, have you paid attention to the quality of the furniture you choose?

It could be that the price of the furniture you choose is cheaper than the others because the quality is not as good as the others. It could also be that furniture is an old collection that doesn’t sell well. If you have this, get ready, you have to provide more funds to buy new furniture, not too long after buying furniture in that original way.

As long as buying furniture can be very detrimental to you in terms of the budget in the end. The careless pattern in choosing the furniture is very vulnerable to make you not pay attention to the quality of the product.

In fact, it is better for you to choose furniture that is rather expensive with guaranteed quality than having to buy furniture at low prices with very possibly lower quality. The quality that is not guaranteed makes the furniture vulnerable to damage, so you have to return to provide extra funds to buy new furniture with the same function.

On the other hand, when you just buy furniture because of its cheap price, it could be out of fashion so you don’t feel comfortable seeing it and are forced to look for more modern replacement furniture.

Well, if you have this, the intention to just carelessly save money buying cheap furniture will end up with an enlarged budget because it turns out that the furniture is not of good quality, right? Don’t be like this.

Homes Get Cluttered

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Clutter in your house isn’t just made up of floors that haven’t been swept or piles of clothes that haven’t been ironed. Clutter in your house can also be caused by a lot of furniture that fills the room so that your house looks cramped and messy.

However, it must be understood that in addition to its function, the furniture that you place in every corner of the room can form a beautiful and harmonious artistic impression if it is chosen properly and carefully. Conversely, if you choose furniture carelessly , you can be sure that the arrangement of your room is not harmonious and looks messy. The artistic impression will disappear from the room, turning into a “warehouse” impression.

There are several reasons your house looks messy when you carelessly choose furniture.

If you just choose furniture without paying attention to its harmony with other furniture or with the paint color of your room’s walls, the room looks too wild and without concept. The messy image immediately appears when other people see it.

If you have this, it becomes difficult to boast of your house to guests who come. It could even be that you are embarrassed to receive guests into the house because the room seems messy due to the furniture that is too full and not harmonious to see. If you have this, you regret it because you choose your furniture carelessly ?

Being uncomfortable at home alone

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When you carelessly choose furniture to put in the rooms of your house, it means you are mortgaging your own comfort in the house. Why? There are two reasons for comfort being threatened at home because of the original furniture .

First, when you choose furniture carelessly it means you don’t pay attention to the quality of the product you buy. The durability of the furniture is only one factor that is very likely to harm you because it turns out that the goods are easily damaged.

But besides that, it is very possible that the furniture you choose is uncomfortable when used.

For example, suppose you originally chose a minimalist sofa for your family room. It turns out that the foam on the sofa is not too thick, so it makes your sitting seem “drowned”. Plus, it turns out that the sofa upholstery makes it feel hot and hot when you sit on it. If this is the case, you will become lazy to sit on it for a long time, right?

Second, besides the discomfort that comes from the furniture itself, you can feel uncomfortable from the atmosphere of the room. As previously discussed, rooms in the house can look messy and have no artistic value if you just put the furniture without a clear harmony and concept. If so, the atmosphere will become uncomfortable. You will be lazy to linger in the room because it seems crowded or doesn’t suit your personality.

The matter of choosing furniture is actually easy, the point is when you want to buy furniture to put in a corner of your house, don’t let it be careless, let alone just choose. Because if not, the three losses above are ready to stalk you.

If you have already chosen the wrong furniture because of the origin, don’t be sad. It’s not too late. You can start to improve your habits and in the future start to be more careful in buying furniture. You can also begin to consider what furniture is damaged or no longer suitable so that it can be replaced with new and higher quality ones.

In essence, in buying anything you have to be careful and not be careless. Especially about the furniture that can be purchased every day. Pay attention to the budget, quality, function, and beauty of the furniture so you don’t regret it later.

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