Blaze Ahead With Custom Home Decor

Would you love to have a custom look in your home interior?
Begin the process to create a custom interior design in your home by understanding the process. An effective custom look tells a story. Not just any story; it is the story of who you are, where you have been and where you are going in life. A custom design style has all the elements of style: unique, unexpected and unforgettable. Reveal your creativity by decorating your home in a custom, inspirational and luxurious look.
Who are you?
Is comfort your priority? Do you prefer convenience in your home where everything is push-button or touch controlled? Or is simplicity more your living style? You are cost conscious and can live economically with basic furnishings.
Where have you been?
Is your living style a testament to the legacy of your life experiences? Have you been a world traveler, a philosopher or a life-long professional? You like to be surrounded with your favorite mementos to remind you of a well-earned background and like to have your life trophies visible to enjoy them.
Where are you going?
Is your attitude about well living for tomorrow?
You are a forward thinker; you like creating positive experiences in everyday life and pursue new passions on a regular of these personality types has their own influence on decorating a home in an ideal custom style. Creating a story for your decorative style is one part life path and one part personality. Someone who leans towards an urban or city life with fast motion and energy would choose a very sleek or minimal type of decor.
A person, who desires a classic style may prefer a decor style that is rich, and feels mysterious. This is someone who loves subtle intense colors in deep greens, burgundy and warm golden tones. For a calmer personality type, they would be attracted to light, quiet color tones of beige, light blue and soft yellow or green. They want a space that is calm, peaceful and restful. Then there are the popular people. These personalities are fun-loving, family-oriented individuals who like to entertain. Their living spaces reflect a look that is cozy and joyous or high-spirited with bright colors that pop with life.
Just look to these sources for getting ideas to design a custom or one-of-a-kind look in your home decor:
-an interior design featured in a magazine spread
-a finished look on a Home and Garden television program
-online project portfolio pictures of an interior designer
-a furniture showroom layout
-decorated rooms in open house model homes
-home improvement expo or seminar display rooms
-decorating books at the local bookstore, library or newsstand
Pull one or more ideas from each source or resource to re-create in your home. You will be resourceful in creating your custom look by accessing different “sources”. Just like magic–a fantasy interior design will unfold.
Your custom look is well worth the commitment, the time and effort for your home. Feel the enjoyment it brings-like blazing a new frontier.