Beautiful And Comfortable Minimalist Living Room Design

The living room is a place that can give the first impression that will stick when people visit your house. The concept of a living room with minimalist interior design or a minimalist living room is an option that is still a favorite of many people.

Especially for people who want to have a living room with the impression of being simple, neat, beautiful to look at, and also comfortable when entertaining guests with simple furniture designs and giving the impression that the room feels at home for a long time when you occupy it. Of course, this will make the living room comfortable. Actually, the living room design with a minimalist concept provides its own challenges for homeowners.

If it is wrongly arranged, then even though the beautiful living room has a minimalist design style, you can make sure that the living room will be left as a place that has no obvious function due to its irregular decoration.

Therefore, the ideas that I will provide are tailored to the needs of a small room. Of course, it is perfect for friends who like simple designs but look beautiful and feel comfortable and can be applied to a minimalist living room interior design.

Let’s take a look at some tips that you can apply to have a beautiful and comfortable minimalist living room.

1. Selection of neutral colors such as gray, black and white.

Minimalist interior design will make your room not only look neat and have a little variety, but will also add a simple impression and look wider.

Even so, this certainly won’t be a barrier for VOIRE friends to keep creating with minimalist living room designs, friends.

There are so many things you can do to be creative in the living room. One of the most basic things before choosing and arranging furniture in the living room is to choose the right color such as white, gray, or brown.

These neutral colors are a great choice. I recommend that when arranging a minimalist living room to avoid inconsistent color combinations. This of course will make the atmosphere of the guest room uncomfortable even if only in view.

By using a combination of neutral colors, it will certainly make you more flexible in choosing the model and color of the furniture that will be used in the living room. Neutral colors combined with the right furniture will also give the impression of a simple and elegant room.

2. Avoid using furniture that is too big

After the color selection stage that feels right to be applied in your friend’s living room, then go to the stage of selecting furniture to fill the needs of the living room at VOIRE’s friend’s house.

Choose and use furniture that doesn’t take up too much space. Use furniture with a size that adapts to the living room.

You can also choose furniture that matches the color theme of the living room. The decision to use neutral colors in the living room will make it easier for you to combine several minimalist furniture models. For a beautiful minimalist look, I recommend placing a sofa whose size matches the living room. In addition, choose a table that has several geometric elements that are simple and uncomplicated. Then don’t forget to also pay attention to the layout of the furniture that you will place.

Notice how the air circulates in the room. Good air circulation is also a factor in creating a comfortable living room.

In fact, many complain about how difficult it is to find the right furniture for a minimalist living room. There is nothing wrong with trying custom furniture services as an option. In custom furniture, you can even design your own

What kind of furniture you want and choose the materials used.

3. The decoration is simple but attractive

Minimalist living room decoration is also one of the most important things to make a minimalist living room beautiful and look comfortable. Actually, there are many decoration styles that you can apply to your living room.

But of course with a note, the size of the furniture used must be adjusted to the existing room. So that the room looks warm and comfortable, put a rug in the middle of the living room.

Another interesting decoration idea is that you can try placing a small table with flower decorations on the top.

For additional decoration, add lights that have a simple but unique design, but you must also pay attention that the light produced from these lamps does not produce light that is too bright or too dim.

So that it causes the atmosphere of your living room to be comfortable, because with less good lighting, the room will be hot or not well lit and of course very uncomfortable, use lamps with the right wattage and good light colors.

Of course, this beautiful guest interior idea is very interesting, right? To fill the empty wall. Add friends’ family photos or some paintings that use figures. You also need to adjust the use of shapes with your furniture model!

Therefore, it is important for friends to seek inspiration for tips on arranging contemporary photo frame decorations at home before starting the living room decoration.

4. Add a Mirror for a wider viewing effect

The mirror is a decoration element that is able to present an illusory effect that can make a friend’s room look wider because of the reflection. Therefore, sticking a mirror on the wall of this minimalist living room will be a trick in itself.

Ideally, to make the room look free, you can use a mirror that has a size of 3/4 of the total area on the wall.

If the area where the mirror is attached is too small, the broad impression of the room will not be obvious. Mirrors should also be placed on the wall directly opposite the window or exposed to a lot of light so that a wider view is given to the maximum.

You also need to adjust the model or style of the mirror that you will use with your living room style. This is quite important because it can make the living room look harmonious as a whole.

I recommend using a mirror in the form of panels that you can easily create to form a large mirror.

5. Adding green plants and natural furniture.

To get a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere in the living room, you can use furniture with natural materials and add some green plant pots that are arranged neatly in the corners of the room.

By adding green plants to the interior design of the living room, the air you get will feel fresher because plants can also help to become a natural air filter, regulate the air temperature and give an outdoor feel to your minimalist living room.

Not only can it give the presence of a natural impression, but it will also make the room look beautiful and comfortable to look at. Or just presenting artificial plants or ornamental plants to add to the green atmosphere in the living room will still make the living room beautiful and comfortable.

After reading short tips for making a minimalist living room beautiful and comfortable, have you thought about choosing what color for your living room?

Have you decided to buy ready-made furniture or make your own with the help of custom furniture services? What kind of minimalist living room decoration would you like to apply in a #benefardaman home?

Actually, applying the concept of a minimalist living room can be the right decision for the interior design of the living room in a simple house. The most important thing is to find interior balance so that a comfortable harmony is created in the living room design.

The inspiration and living room tips that I have described actually combine a modern minimalist concept. It aims to create a minimalist living room that is both beautiful and comfortable.

Maybe it’s time for you to pay attention to your guest room right now, because when people first visit your house, the living room is the most favorite option.

It’s time to beautify your living room with a variety of tips on choosing colors, the right furniture, and simple decorations but giving the impression that your living room looks more alive.