7 Tricks to Make an Open Kitchen Concept at Home

7 Tricks to Make an Open Kitchen Concept at Home

Are you familiar with the open kitchen concept? The open kitchen concept has become increasingly popular in recent years because it is widely used in the culinary industry. However, open kitchens are also suitable to be applied at home if you can arrange them well.

Don’t get confused first about the open kitchen concept that catches your eye. Installation of an open kitchen at home can be realized easily if you use these 7 important tips and tricks.

Pay attention to the position of the kitchen

7 Tricks to Make an Open Kitchen Concept at Home

The kitchen with the open kitchen concept at home is indeed free to place anywhere. However, in general, people choose a kitchen near the living room or family room. The location of the kitchen around the room is not limited by walls or other forms of permanent insulation. The goal is that the kitchen and other rooms that are located next to each other seem to be united without a clear partition.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

clean the kitchen

In the past, many people thought that the kitchen was a part of the house that was taboo to others. This assumption has begun to change over time because now people are happy when they can entertain guests and extended families directly.

The open kitchen concept that is applied at home makes you have to be diligent in keeping the kitchen clean. Don’t let your open kitchen look dirty and unattractive as this will reduce the guests’ appetite.

Install a Smoke Hood

Open kitchen at home with cooker hood

A kitchen that is open and in direct contact with other rooms in the house makes the smoke more susceptible to spreading. As a result, other rooms will feel stuffy because of the smoke, especially if you cook food with a strong aroma (such as shrimp paste, salted fish). To get around this, you must install a large capacity cooker hood. The device will suck up all the smoke generated during the cooking process so that the kitchen and other rooms around it are odor-free.

Separate the Kitchen into Two Parts

Open kitchen at home with pantry

If you are not sure enough to fully apply the open kitchen concept at home, you can work around this by separating the kitchen into two parts. The first, larger kitchens were used to cook a wide variety of dishes. Meanwhile, the second kitchen which is smaller and neatly arranged can be used for serving food and drinks only. Thus, you can still have a small open kitchen without having to have trouble arranging cleanliness and tidiness. A clean little kitchen for serving food and drinks is definitely easier to organize than a large kitchen.

Choose a Minimalist Concept

minimalist kitchen

An open kitchen with a minimalist concept is the best choice for the interior of your home. This concept eliminates the need for you to prepare a lot of kitchen furniture. In addition, the combination of monochrome colors in a minimalist concept will also make the room seem more spacious. You just need to make sure that your kitchen concept is in harmony with the feel of the interior as a whole.

Place the Kitchen Near the Window

Open kitchen at home with window

Don’t ignore the location of the windows around your open kitchen at home. It is better if the open concept kitchen is located near the window so that the air circulation runs more smoothly. You can open the windows while cooking in the kitchen so that the kitchen and other rooms don’t feel stuffy. This simple concept is actually quite modern because it is so different from a conventional kitchen which is closed without a window.

Prioritizing Simple Kitchen Set Models

simple kitchen set

Arranging the kitchen is certainly closely related to the selection of a kitchen set. It would be better if you choose a kitchen set that is simple in style and not too big in size so that the kitchen set does not make the kitchen and the room around it feel cramped. The kitchen set is simple also be more easily cleaned regularly so that no stubborn dirt that interferes with the display kitchen set it.

If you want to renovate your kitchen in the near future, there’s nothing wrong with adopting the open kitchen concept at home. The right open kitchen design will make the interior of the house seem more special than the previous concept.