5 tips for decorating a house with cheap decorations to make it look beautiful

In recent years, the trend of buying ready-made houses or buying houses through home developers has increased. Apart from being considered cheaper, buying a finished house is considered the best way to get housing without having to wait too long.

But the problem is, many of these houses whose decorations do not match our personalities as new owners. Especially if the tastes we have are very different from the old owners.

Not only that, sometimes we feel bored with old home decorations and want to try something new. Usually, New Year or moments such as Eid are moments that are often chosen for home decorating.

Well, for those of you who are interested in decorating a house, but happen to have minimal budget, you can try some of the following low-cost home decor alternatives.

1. Partition the room

The land that is getting narrower has caused many people to choose to build a house with minimal insulation. So, the house that was small and narrow can look wider.

But of course, in addition to the various advantages that are obtained by reducing the barriers between rooms, there are also some disadvantages.

One of them is a reduced level of privacy. The lack of bulkheads in a house causes the level of privacy to be so minimal. From the living room, we can even immediately see the activities of family members in the kitchen. Of course this is very disturbing for some people.

For this reason, instead of dividing the house by using a wall, it will be more practical and cheaper to use a room partition that can not only be used to limit visibility but can also be used to beautify the two insulated rooms.

2. Buy furniture that has not been colored or furnished

There are two main advantages to buying unpainted or unpainted furniture. The first advantage, we can paint it with your favorite color or in accordance with the color of the room that will be used to place the furniture. The second advantage is that unpainted furniture usually costs a lot less.

3. Make your own decorations

Making your own home decoration is usually referred to as DIY (do it yourself). Currently, besides a website or blog, YouTube is an alternative place to learn to make various kinds of cheap decorations. Yes, there are many people who are willing to share various secrets and tricks for making cool, inexpensive, homemade decorations.

4. Buy used furniture

There are many used furniture and decorations for sale in thrift stores as well as in online stores. Room partitions that we can buy through online stores, for example, besides products in new forms, actually we can also look for some of them that have already been used (second-hand goods).

One of the recommended online shops to buy used goods is an online store. Apart from providing new products, it is no secret that the Bukalapak online shop also provides second-hand or used products.

The main advantage of buying used products, of course, is their cheap and affordable prices. In addition, used products are generally durable enough to last for years. Especially if it is a room partition or divider.

5. Take advantage of old things

Sometimes, we accidentally keep various old furniture that looks dull and old in the warehouse. In fact, many of the furniture is still suitable for use.

If you have time, instead of buying a new one, it never hurts to update the old furniture. Starting with cleaning, then washing, and repainted and furnished.

Those are the five tips for decorating your home with cheap decorations that you can try. May be useful!