8 Inspiration to Design a Cool Garden in the Middle of a City

Cool atmosphere in the environment home can be realized in various ways.

One of them is by being garden around home.

Moreover, garden are planted with various types plant which is leafy and looks green so that it gives a cool impression.

In addition, with a cool garden, the house will not feel hot and the air around it will also be clean.

Based on its location, the garden in the house area can be classified into several types, namely the front garden, back garden, and indoor garden.

To create a cool atmosphere in each garden, different arrangements and treatments are needed.

For example, tall and shady trees cannot be used in indoor gardens, or conversely, ornamental plants in small pots are not suitable for front or rear gardens.

If you are confused about determining a cool garden design for your dream home, some of the following garden examples might be an inspiration:

1. Garden Residence Green Garden