10 Kitchen Furniture That You Must Try

Do you still think that the cramped kitchen area is a source of endless problems? Actually, this broad business can still be handled easily, you know.

Because even though the kitchen feels very cramped, there are still ways that can be used to outsmart it. One of them is by choosing the right kitchen furniture model.

The choice of furniture used in the kitchen will have a lot of influence on the appearance of the entire interior.

For a narrow kitchen, you should choose a kitchen set that is not too big. This aims to avoid the room from being crowded. For complete styling inspiration, you can see below.

Minimalist kitchen furniture that is compact and practical


Kitchen set is one of the common furniture found in a kitchen. The uses of this furniture are numerous. Among other things, as a storage area, cupboard, as well as a kitchen table.

Parts of the kitchen set are often ordered with a custom system. Which kitchen furniture is specially designed according to demand.

For example dicustom with a place for a hob and a sink in one piece of furniture. For narrow kitchens, choosing minimalist kitchen furniture is highly recommended.

A minimalist concept that is close to a practical and concise impression is quite helpful in terms of storage efficiency or from an aesthetic side.

Kitchen Furniture is Nice and Multifunctional


Combining a kitchen with a dining table is one of the tips for turning a narrow kitchen into a more functional one.

As in the following picture, the use of good kitchen furniture with a dominance of bright green makes the kitchen look more cheerful.

The linear type kitchen set is installed against the wall. Meanwhile, the round dining table is placed in one floor plan without any partitions or room dividers.

The spatial concept with this method is very flexible and makes the kitchen look more spacious, right?

Multifunctional Kitchen Furniture with Clean and Roomy Impression


Multifunctional kitchen furniture is now one of the most sought after. This furniture is highly recommended for application in small kitchens.

As in the following picture, a narrow kitchen looks tidier and cleaner with the use of a kitchen set that is designed complete with a bar table.

This kitchen set has many functions. Starting from being used as a kitchen table, stove place, sink, cabinet, and also a super practical minimalist bar table.

With the use of a multifunctional kitchen set, you don’t need to use a lot of items because they have been resolved in one piece of furniture at once.

Simple Kitchen Furniture Without a Kitchen Set

Kitchen Furniture

Mounting a simple wooden shelf on the wall is an idea that can be copied in a small kitchen. This simple kitchen furniture which is only made of wood material can be very functional furniture, you know.

In that area, you can use it as a container to store various items. Starting from cups, bowls, mugs and others.

Apart from being a storage area, the items arranged on these shelves can also be used as decorative elements that beautify the kitchen interior, right?

Unique and Attractive Cheap Kitchen Furniture


Kitchen cabinets are an efficient place to make the kitchen tidier. In this area, you can store various items and kitchen furniture in a more neat and organized manner.

Like this simple kitchen cabinet. Wooden kitchen cabinets with a sleek shelf model you can put in the kitchen as additional storage.

Even though the model looks sleek, this kitchen furniture can still hold a lot of things? And the question of appearance is certainly quite interesting and easy to apply to various residential interior concepts.

Kitchen Furniture Design Kitchen Tables


The island type kitchen furniture design is one of the most popular ways to organize a kitchen. One of its characteristics is the placement of a table that is arranged in the middle of the room.

This wooden table even appears dominant in the kitchen area and gives a touch of life.

The existence of this table can be a dual function. Besides functioning as a place to prepare equipment for cooking. This furniture can also be used as a dining table at the same time, you know.

Corner Shelf Kitchen Furniture with Chic Concept


If the cabinets and kitchen cabinets are full of furniture, then using the walls as additional storage is the right idea.

On the wall, you can attach several open-top shelf racks for furniture containers.

As in the picture above, using the corner of the room as a storage area is an idea that can be imitated at home.

Installing open shelves in the corner area of ​​the room is not only functional, but also gives quite an interesting interior.

On this open shelf, you can arrange various kinds of furniture that are often used daily. Starting from bowls, plates, cups, glasses and so on.

Functional Kitchen Furniture in the Staircase Area

Kitchen Furniture

Choosing simple, practical and concise kitchen furniture is necessary to create a neat and beautiful kitchen design.

As in this picture, placing the kitchen space in the area behind the house bordering a small garden can be an inspiration worthy of imitation.

Furniture arranged in a linear concept looks neat with the dominant use of white. Parallel to the kitchen cabinet, you can combine the washing machine as well in the area, huh?

Combining kitchen space with a place to wash clothes is indeed common, especially in kitchens with limited areas.

This way, you can save space and make the most of every corner of the house.

Simple Hanging Shelf Kitchen Furniture


Hanging cabinets are one of the pieces of furniture that is quite often found in the kitchen area. The furniture is usually affixed to the upper wall area of ​​the kitchen table.

The function of a kitchen hanging cabinet is as storage to store several items and necessities. Starting from glassware, cooking utensils and even food ingredients can also be stored in the area.

For a narrow kitchen, you can choose the type of minimalist kitchen furniture with a simple and concise model like this one hanging cupboard.

Hanging kitchen cabinets have a very practical model. Namely a wardrobe with an elongated model equipped with 3 levels of shelves.

Kitchen cabinets with sliding opening models look elegant with a combination of black frosted glass on the doors.

Furniture with this model is highly recommended for use in narrow kitchens because it will look practical and concise.

Simple open shelf kitchen furniture


Almost the same as the previous one, the following kitchen furniture also functions for additional storage. Installing an open shelf on the wall like the picture above is very practical and functional.

This open shelf which has a sleek and not-too-big model looks simple and stylish with a black metal frame.

You can use this furniture as a place to store various furniture and kitchen utensils. Guaranteed your kitchen will be far from cluttered?

Choosing the right kitchen furniture will help you to create a neat and beautiful kitchen design.

To complete your dream kitchen interior, you can start surveying the price of a kitchen set in places that sell kitchen cabinets. In order to get an idea of ​​how much budget you need to prepare to be able to buy it.

Or if you feel confused about how to choose the right type of kitchen furniture according to your needs. You can discuss this with me.